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CLAYTOGRAPHY Sculptural Ceramics as a form of Cartography by Bernadette Tuite in Working Artist Studios, Ballydehob, Co. Cork p81h771.

Opening: Friday 23rd Feb. 5.00pm running until Sat. 16th March

‘Imagine that in a few hundred years-time humanity has put aside its misguided supernatural beliefs and turned its religious instincts to the Earth, the true author of our being….the visiting of places, to contemplate them in all their particularity ’.   

   Tim Robinson

Ceramic artist, Bernadette Tuite, boat captain, ceramicist and explorer: her explorations have led her not only to appreciate but question our relationship with ourselves and our surroundings, but also question how she can encourage responsible eco-stewardship of our coastal surroundings? 

The exhibition explores themes of interconnectedness of people, place and mythology through ceramic vessels,  film and experimental sound. This archive of exploration, a sea guide to getting lost, will represent explored areas of Co. Cork coastline from Rocky Bay to Mizen Head. The exhibition features ceramic sculptures, video and sound installation.

A season of clay at the
National Sculpture Factory

Im delighted to be involved in the August Materials Celebration a festival of clay at the National Sculpture Factory, Albert Road, Cork. Here artists Catherine Callanan and I are testing the Raku kiln and our firing skills at the NSF.

News and Events

Join me for one or all of the events below!


Friday 11 August 2023

18:00  20:00 Greywood Arts, Killeagh

Main Street, Killeagh, Co. Cork, Ireland

Join me for this have-a-go tile making workshop inspired by Glenbower Woods for Cork Craft Month 2023. Experimenting with various species of wood, leaves, flowers and found materials participants can mark make and add forest shapes to their Tile, creating their own Glenbower inspired mini-composition to take home. Through mark-making, texture, pressing and using stamps participants can learn about the woods and acquire a new skill in a colourful and fun have-a-go clay craft experience.

CLAY holding/transforming/performing 
a season of clay at the
National Sculpture Factory

CLAY holding/transforming/performing

CLAY holding/transforming/performing is a season of clay at the National Sculpture Factory. It celebrates clay as a fundamental and complex material. A key tenet of this clay season is to be witness to experts in moments of live practice, to look into the complexity of clay production and material negotiation. This season of clay presents the breadth of material practice from the skills of traditional practices to the urgency of this material vital to expressive and sculptural live practices. The programme of live practice and keynote live conversations will present deep insights into the production and elemental demands of this ancient and current material. 

The Live Bench is the space for Transforming.

The Live bench is an open studio space on the Factory floor where individuals can come in, make a small ceramic work that can be fired in our NSF Raku kiln during the August Weekend.
This continual live production bench that will be open from July 24th and will be operational throughout the festival on the Factory Floor. Visitors can engage in the production and transformative nature of clay by creating their own small ceramic work which will be stored and kiln fired by Bernadette Tuite in our Raku kiln on the final weekend of the Festival in August.
So please do come in, engage, participate, and we can transform together.
Drop in times are Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

This event is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and the British Council, August Craft Month, Scarva Pottery Supplies and DBI Pottery Supplies.

Saturday August 26th

Saturday Introduction with curators Clare Twomey, Nuala O’Donovan & Dobz O’Brien
9:45 – 11:30
Artists’ presentations on their individual Practices with William Cobbing, Florence Peake, Simon Kidd and Bernadette Tuite
12:00pm – 13:30pm
Live Practice with Simon Kidd – Removing the silicone moulds and preparing them for translating them into clay objects through press moulding.
14:30 – 16:00
Clare Twomey in-conversation with William Cobbing. This will be a performative conversation with William Cobbing followed by a round table discussion with the audience.
16:00pm – 18:00
Live Practice with Bernadette Tuite – Raku Firing the end results of the live bench

Sunday August 27th

Sunday Introduction with curators Clare Twomey, Nuala O’Donovan & Dobz O’Brien
10:00 – 13:00
Live Practice with Simon Kidd – The making of the clay artefacts from the silicone moulds through press moulding, including the incorporation of local materials gathered from the NSF.
Live Practice with Nuala O’Donovan
Live Practice with Bernadette Tuite – Raku Firing the end results of the live bench
14.00 – 15:00
Live Performance with Florence Peake
16:00 – 17:00pm
Festival reflections on the Factory Floor – Discussion with Clare Twomey, Florence Peake & William Cobbing.

 Exhibitions 2023

Cork Potters Exhibit Gallery Asna, Clonakilty

One of the longest running creative networks in Ireland, the Society of Cork Potters has been in existence for over 40 years. We are excited to announce that from May 28th, 2023 members of the Society of Cork Potters will be exhibiting in
Asna Gallery, 43 Wolfe Tone St. Clonakilty, P85 XN24.

‘Reconnect’ is an exciting collection of fresh work from 13 of Cork’s finest ceramic artists. 
All Welcome !